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Real People  |  Real Problems  | Real Solutions


Who We Are 

Dan “Martin” Fergus, III and Taylor R. Tomanka is an effective & experienced husband-wife legal team who primarily practices family law and business/estate planning in the Austin metro area and Central Texas area. 


Having met while in the dual-graduate degree program in Law & Graduate School (they both hold their Juris Doctorate & Masters In Business Administration), the couple has been together for the last ten (10) years: married partners for six (6) years and business partners for five (5). 

Fergus & Tomanka law firm provides transparent, result-oriented legal representation that emphasizes client involvement, trust and communication.

Our Approach

Being married provides Taylor and Martin a unique perspective on how to handle each family’s different legal situation. Over their 8 years as family and business/estate attorney’s they have realized that at the end of the day, their clients are just like them. Real people, with real problems, looking for real solutions. Armed with this knowledge, the firm provides everyday people with actual solutions for their very real family and/or business/estate problems.


It makes sense that the husband-wife duo center their law practice around the same values they center their marriage on - trust, transparency and teamwork.


1. Transparency = Open Communication

New clients are feeling, beginning a very frightening journey, handing their life, or worse - their children’s life - into a stranger's hands. We take that responsibility seriously and that’s why we don’t beat around the bush. We tell you the truth & reality of your legal situation, even if it’s not exactly the news you want to hear. 

2. Trust = Result-Oriented Representation

We realize that everyday people can’t afford to go to Court for every single issue they have with their ex. Not only that, we try to avoid unnecessary Client emotional trauma. 


Family law affords the opportunity to settle out of Court or settle in mediation - cutting costs & expenses, attorney billable time & saving your sanity. We won’t force you into Court if we believe we can get a better deal through mediation or through a written settlement agreement.  


3. Teamwork = Client Involvement

“We try our best to ensure that our clients understand what they are getting into and guide them through the complicated web of our judicial system in layman’s terms.” Martin said. “How can a client make decisions that affect their life without being informed of all of their options?  


Our Team & How We Work

The legal process is grueling and emotionally exhausting, but you don’t have to do it alone. As a client of Fergus & Tomanka law firm, you become a member of the team. 



Born to expertly breakdown complex legal concepts and legal arguments, Martin is the litigator of the pair and has vast experience in the courtroom. Spending most of his “baby lawyer” years in and out of the CPS courtroom, Martin has seen and argued over 250 hotly contested child custody cases, termination of parental rights/adoption cases and domestic violence cases. 


How Martin Contributes To Your Client Experience:

Provide His Legal Opinion On Your Case

  • Answers Questions About:​

    • Legal Fees For Services

    • Child Support Calculations

    • Custody Considerations

    • Judge's Rulings​

    • Detailed Case Update & Legal Matters

  • Litigation + Court Expert



Taylor both manages the law firm and practices mainly transaction law, focusing her efforts on controlled asset division & distribution and business formations & family business succession planning. She has extensive experience in helping families lay out their estate plans to cover children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren alike. She is also experienced in helping individuals maintain control over their separate property before marriage (prenuptials) or even during marriage (property agreements), including business succession planning for small business owners who want their business to go to their children (or someone else). 


How Taylor Contributes To Your Client Experience:

Provide Her Legal Opinion On Your Case

  • Answers Questions About:​

    • Legal Fees For Services

    • Estate Planning Considerations

    • Business Succession Planning

    • Prenuptials & Property Agreements (while married)

    • Wills & Trusts

    • Transfer Of Real Property

    • Detailed Case Update & Legal Matters

  • Legal Document Drafting Expert



Brittany is the newest member of the team, but is quickly becoming irreplaceable. She has had her paralegal’s degree almost as long as Martin and Taylor have had their law degree. She is Martin and Taylor’s right hand and will be working with them, quite extensively, on your case. 


One of our biggest client worries when working with assistants and paralegals is information leakage. However, if you tell Brittany about your case, you don’t have to worry about anything leaving the office. Brittany has signed a firm-wide Confidentiality Agreement that covers all client cases.


How Brittany Contributes To Your Client Experience:
  • Answers Questions About The:

    • Practice Areas Of Attorneys

    • Intake/Onboarding Process

    • Information Gathering Process​

    • Discovery Process: Required Request For Disclosures & Marital Property Inventory​

    • Sent/Received Mail

    • General Case Updates

  • Schedules Potential Client Intake & Attorney-Client Telephone/Zoom Conferences

  • Schedules Case and Hearing Settings


What We Can Do For You

We’d be thrilled to support you through your next family law case or business/estate planning ventures. You can make an appointment online or you can call our office at (512) 291-6952.


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