Child Support

Your children are the most important part of your life, but they are expensive. Most every non-custodial parent of a child under 18 owes child support, but it can be hard to actually obtain each month. We can help you withhold earnings from the obligor's paycheck each month and check to see if your child support amount is the maximum allowed. 


Child Support Guidelines are set out in the Texas Family Code, which determines the calculation of child support based on your gross wages, monthly health insurance payment for the children and how many children in the family you have. Child support will be 20% of the obligor's gross wages (minus Texas Guideline deductions) for one child and it builds from there the more children you have. 

Our child support practice includes:

  • Determining initial support based on 20% of the obligor's net resources

  • Modifying (raising or lowering) child support amounts

  • Disputing child support fees or arrearages with the other side or the Office of the Attorney General

  • Registering out of state support orders to be used in Texas

  • Enforcing non-payment of child support amounts

  • And more!

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