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New Clients

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Want some insight into what to expect at Fergus & Tomanka, PLLC during your initial consultation meeting with an attorney? 

Where do I start?

If you are needing representation, call our office to set up a consultation with our attorneys. Consultations typically last 45 minutes to an hour. There is a consultation fee of $100, which is due prior to the meeting. There is also a New Client Intake Sheet that is additionally due at arrival.  Upon completion, email to


Why do I need an attorney?

You should never take legal actions without an experienced attorney at law. There are various laws pertaining to Family, Estate Planning, and Business that are difficult to understand. Let us take care of you and your matter! 


What is a retainer fee?

If hired, our Attorneys will ask for a “Retainer” of money. A “Retainer” is a specific amount of money paid in advance to the law firm to begin the case, i.e. $1,500. This initial retainer amount will pay for your Court Costs and Fees required to file a lawsuit with the Court as well as your attorney’s fees to conduct legal services on your behalf. The Attorney’s bill at an hourly rate (listed below) and is taken out of this Retainer amount and is not an additional amount. Any amounts that exceed the initial retainer amount will be billed out monthly. 

What it is NOT. The retainer is not a flat fee or an estimate of the cost of your work. The amount of the retainer is arbitrary to some extent and should not be taken as an estimate of the cost of the completion of the work in your particular case. At this point, before the issues are clarified, and before we know the degree of resistance to be offered, we cannot predict the amount of work to be done, nor the time needed to complete it. 


How will I stay informed about my case? 

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of your case. We will keep you informed on any updates or when your presence is required, in court or in the office. When you call or email us, we typically respond that day or the next business day. Our assistant can take your calls and messages. Everything said over the phone and in the office is confidential.


Due to the sensitive nature of family law, we know that your information - even your name - can be scary to disclose. We understand that you may be skeptical of providing us with your basic information.  We want to ensure you that ANYTHING you say in our office is 100% confidential. All of our attorneys and all staff have agreed and signed Confidentiality Agreements so you are fully protected behind closed doors.

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