Child Custody

Your children are the most important part of your life. We understand that child custody disputes are often the most challenging and emotionally jarring part of any family law dispute. Our priority is ensuring that you are aware of the best options for your children. 


We will walk you through the legal steps, explaining costs, consequences, and your rights in the child custody dispute. We focus on understanding your priorities so that we can advocate for you and your children’s best interests.


Our child custody practice includes:

  • Original Child Custody Determinations

  • Paternity issues

  • Child Custody Modifications

  • Child Custody Enforcements

  • Custom Possession/Visitation Orders

  • Multi-State Custody disputes

  • International Custody disputes

  • Non-parent Custody, including Grandparents rights

  • Protective Orders for a household, including children

  • Physical and emotional Abuse, including children

  • Uniform Child Custody and Enforcement Act

  • Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

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